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Baba's Olives

NEW: Baba's Baharat (7-Spice) Mix

NEW: Baba's Baharat (7-Spice) Mix

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"Baharat" means spices in Arabic, and this seven-spice mix is essential for Palestinian cooking. It is the base in many traditional Palestinian dishes and stews and has a woody, herbal, and balanced taste. It adds warmth and sweetness to every dish and is the signature taste behind many Palestinian dishes. 

Examples of dishes it's used in:

  • Stuffed grape leaves or any stuffed vegetable (Yalanji, Diwali)
  • Okra, string bean, white bean stew (Fasoolya, Bamya)
  • Mugluba 
  • Ouzi rice

Ingredients: cinnamon, allspice, coriander, cumin, cloves, nutmeg

60 grams / 4 oz jar 

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