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inspired by Palestinian tradition

olives // zaytoun // زيتون



olives // zaytoun // زيتون‎

Olives are fundamental to Palestinian identity, history, rootedness and culture.

Like many refugees all around the world, Palestinians hold dearly to their identity and culture through food - passing their traditions and cuisines from generation to generation.

Tala, the founder of Baba's Olives is a full time public health professional and part time food connoisseur. She was born and raised in Queens, New York, which instilled her deep commitment to equity and food justice.

Tala's grandparents were displaced from Palestine at the time of the Nakba (the catastrophe) in 1948 with over 700,000 other Palestinians. Like many other Palestinians, they settled in neighboring Jordan. Eventually, Tala's parents came to Astoria, New York and have been ever since.

A staple in her household, Tala grew up eating Palestinian olives with almost every meal. She realized that it was impossible to buy these flavorful olives that her Baba would marinate on his own. In an effort to bring Palestinian culture, identity and food to the world - Baba's Olives was formed.

The olives we use are sourced from Nablus, Palestine. We marinate and package each bottle in Queens, New York. We hope they make you feel a sense of belonging, wherever you are in the world.

Palestinians picking olives during the harvest in 1880. Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection (Library of Congress).


If the olive trees knew the hands that planted them, their oil would become tears.

Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish